Visual Studio 2022

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Shortcuts / Raccourcis clavier

Ctrl + T All-In-One Search, look for files, types, and members in your code
Ctrl + J afficher l'IntelliSense
Ctrl + Shift + Space afficher le tooltip des signatures des méthodes
Ctrl + D duplicate current line
Ctrl + Shift + L supprimer la ligne courante
Ctrl + M + O collapse (Edit → Outlining → Collapse to Definitions)


Ctrl + F10 Run to Cursor - Run the code until the cursor.
Alt + * Go to the current statement.

Don't have the list of recently used solutions when right-click on the task bar icon

  1. Windows settings → Personalization → Start → Show recently opened item in jump lists on start or the taskbar and in file explore quick access = On

Fix high CPU usage by ServiceHub.RoslynCodeAnalysisService.exe

dotnet_diagnostic.IDE0001.severity = none
dotnet_diagnostic.IDE0002.severity = none
dotnet_diagnostic.IDE0049.severity = none


Output enhancer

Adds colors to Visual Studio output window.

Visual Studio Spell Checker

Bookmarks by the Numbers

Provides numbered bookmarks from 0 to 9.
Set keyboard shortcuts: Tools → Customize → Keyboard → SkoutSoft

  • Ctrl-Shift-[0..9] toogle bookmark
  • Ctrl-[0..9] go to

Plain rename

Hide the dashed outline displayed while editing a variable name.