Simple queue service

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Message queue service, used to store messages while waiting for an application to process them.
It allows to decouple your infrastructure by acting as a buffer between your components.


  1. a message is picked up by an application
  2. the message is marked as invisible so that no other application can start processing that message
  3. if the message stays invisible longer than the visibility timeout it becomes visible again
  4. when a application has completely processed a message, it is remove from the queue
  5. if the message has not been proceeded after the retention period (1m to 14d), it could be moved to a dead letter queue


  • Pull-based service
  • Message size: 256 KB
  • Short polling
    • API call to get 10 messages max
  • Long polling
    • API call and wait X seconds for incoming messages
    • less API calls: more efficient and cost effective
  • Standard
    • Order is NOT guaranteed
    • Messages delivered more than once (duplicates)
    • Great for performances
  • FIFO
    • Order is guaranteed
    • Messages only delivered once
    • Throughput limit 300 messages /s w/o batching, 3000 messages /s with batching